FOUR outcomes that can derail your retirement.

Are you sure you have taken the necessary steps to avoid these four all-too-common devastating problems?  They are nearly always preventable (but few prevent them).  

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  • Let's connect so I can share the four and also help you answer the questions below.

  • How do you take control of your health so your doctor makes the best decisions in your care?

  • Do your plans include how you'll be relevant (purpose) and use your skills so your retirement keeps you fulfilled?

  • Who do you know that is angry, unexpectedly physically limited,  finding their relationships aren't what they thought when they retire?  How do you avoid that?

I left a successful career in healthcare and academia to address these four problems that are ruining lives.  I created the entire process because no other method was getting the job done.  

My Purpose is to inspire transitioning leaders to transform the world around them.

My Promise is to always help you creatively and boldly take the next step.



“Dr. Fritsch is my medical lifeline when traveling both domestic and abroad.  Her program has given me my compiled medical history at the push of a button and her accessibility has given me confidence in making the right medical decisions, whether at home or traveling the world.”

- Dave, sales executive